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Sharada Welfare Society works on turning old material as a resource for many of
rural development activities. Communities have built huge bamboo bridges have done bounding
of acres of land, and have taken up massive exercises of repairing roads developing water
harvesting systems to cleaning up water bodies. All these works are done but by making people
understand their own community power and giving usable old material as a reward. In remote
villages across Bihar. In the last years we have covered 85th
number of village. Even though

Our work is sector agnostic we see a deep direct impact on various issues like Water, Agriculture,
Sanitation, Education, Menstrual hygiene and Access for the communities we work with. We treat
these communities as our rural stakeholders and put the decision making on what issues will be
prioritized, in their hands

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Our Achivements

We at Sharada Welfare Society have been serving the nation for the last 15 years. We are highly active in different city and rural area of the country. We are expecting more support and help from your end to expand more throughout the nation.

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Our Activities

We at Sharada Welfare Society working dedicatedly towards to fullfill the the need of our socity. we are focusing on 1. Tree plantation 2. Art & culture 3.Rural Development 4.Science & Technology 5.Education 6.Environment 7.Health 8.Women & Child Welfare

From The Desk Of Founder

I am enveloped with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, reflecting on the path that Sharada Welfare Society has traversed over the years. With humility, I cherish where we are, what we have achieved, and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead
We will continue to work tirelessly in our mission to serve many children by 2025. Throughout our journey of nearly two decades, we have been seeking new avenues to contribute to social welfare. Alongside providing education help
to 100+ child labour , we pursue diverse feeding initiatives to serve other sections of society – across age groups, regions, and communities.
Our organization has been able to achieve these milestones owing to the incessant support from our stakeholders. I sincerely thank our beneficiaries for allowing us to serve them, and all the member and volunteer who have supported us
enthusiastically. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to our stakeholders – , Government of India, State Governments, , partners, donors, corporates, and our dynamic community of well-wishers.
With a renewed spirit, we will pursue our commitment to provide food and nutrition for all. The hope for a better future for all our beneficiaries, especially children, gives us the energy to serve more and serve better.
I truly believe that there is tremendous potential in all of us working together, to bring our nation a better tomorrow.
Chandra Shekhar Jha
Sharada Welfare Society

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