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saccha bharat

About us

Sharada Welfare Society works on turning old material as a resource for many of rural development activities. Communities have built huge bamboo bridges have done bounding
of acres of land, and have taken up massive exercises of repairing roads developing water
harvesting systems to cleaning up water bodies. All these works are done but by making people
understand their own community power and giving usable old material as a reward. In remote villages across Bihar in the last years we have covered many  villages. Even though
our work is sector agnostic we see a deep direct impact on various issues like Water, Agriculture, Sanitation, Education, Menstrual hygiene and Access for the communities we work with. We treat these communities as our rural stakeholders and put the decision making on what issues will be
prioritized, in their hands.

Every day it reminds us that when we value
people, value their wisdom and resources and
treat them with dignity, amazing things
happen. Different need based Material Kits are
their only reward and motivation for the efforts
they make to solve their own problems

Our Mission

To create a society in which child marriage and
child labour can be stopped and giving them right
to their education and support them according to
their talent and protecting every child in the
society from sexual harassment, provide better
health, education and making every person and
women in society self-reliant and developing of
the society through organise of various awareness
Our Slogan Is