Best NGO in Bihar

saccha bharat


a) To assist in the field of Blind Control Programmes of Government.

b) To spread awareness about STD and HIV/AIDS and work for the welfare of people living with HIV/AIDS c) To work in the field of reproductive and child health services with emphasis on vaccination.

d) To create awareness about communicable and vector-borne disease control measures through better hygiene and sanitation.

e) To narrow the difference between the health status of people on the basis of gender and create awareness against female feticides.

f) To create awareness against drug menace.

i) To encourage organ donation.

j) To create awareness about Traffic Rules to minimizes roadside accidents resulting loss of life or handicappedness.

k) To provide, guide, educate and to create health awareness program and to make, develop, build, promote Health Care Centre for the underprivileged children and women